New Brunswick Anti-Tobacco Coalition

As you may or may not know, Sunday, May 31st, was World No Tobacco day. The New Brunswick Anti-Tobacco Coalition has launched a new page displaying various success stories from around the province. Of these stories, some are individual accounts of quitting and others are of groups going out in the community and trying to promote tobacco prevention and cessation. The organization is encouraging submissions from New Brunswickers to submit their stories of tobacco-free healthy living. You can read them here:

Sometimes it’s easy to repeat the same messages over and over when trying to get people to quit. “Smoking kills”, “stay smoke free”, “smoking causes cancer” etc., are completely true, effective, and incredibly important messages to repeat, however, the personal success stories provide a fresh insight into the road to quitting and the benefits thereof that simply can’t be embodied in a simple phrase. Aside from providing smokers with incentive to quit and encouraging New Brunswickers to take action, the site is also interesting from an activism point of view in that even people from outside the province can look at some of the initiatives happening in New Brunswick and think about how similar ideas could be implemented in their own provinces.