From Someone Who Knows

Little story my team manager, Tamiko Lyle, posted:

!! QUIT the DIP boys !!

Prior to my career change to the dental profession in 2003 it never entered my mind that ‘snuff, dip, rub, chewing tobacco’ could cause cancer.

I was taken aback early 2009 football season (the start of my involvement with the Okanagan Sun Jr football team) when I seen quite a few young players (as young as 18) and coaches often spitting on the practice field or into a bottle or cup … soon finding out they were spitting out the spent chew.
Yes, a little grossed out I was. (But I was more grossed out years earlier in my fastball years seeing big tall girls from the states spitting out the black crap on the baseball field … ya, girls yes, very feminine ladies! Classy!!

Going to my brother Adam (the dentist) I asked him about this obviously bad habit … he brought out a dental/medical book and showed me pictures of what oral cancer looked like. AND IT WAS NOT PRETTY boys! I will be nice and not post pictures … but feel free to google pictures ‘oral cancer chewing tobacco’

We have had 3 possible cases we referred to the oral surgeon since we opened our dental practice in 2003.

This includes esophageal cancer and various types of oral cancer, including cancers of your mouth, throat, cheek, gums, lips and tongue. You also face an increased risk of pancreatic cancer.
Oh, and it does cause gum disease and heart disease too.
And who the heck wants to kiss you guys :S


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