Break It Off!

Get it over with, stay split up, move on with life…

Back in 2012 we posted about the launch of this campaign and want to give you an update!

Today the YLT team had the privilege to visit the mobile unit of the ‘Break It Off’ campaign, which has made it across the country from Vancouver at the end of January all the way to Ottawa and is on its way to the Maritimes.

The Break It Off campaign is a joint tobacco cessation, awareness and outreach campaign aimed at young Canadians launched by the Government of Canada and the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS).

The FREE mobile app ( helps you to avoid smoking temptations as they happen and in moments of weakness to help you get over your smoking relationship once and for all.

The app is great in that it tracks your break-up process, allows you to see stats on your progress, track the areas in which you are triggered and share your achievements on social media such as Facebook to update your current status with smoking.

The website helps you through your progression to help you get it over with, stay split up and move on with life through providing information on different methods to kick the habit as well as providing support systems.

Also, be sure to enter the ‘Biggest-Break Up’ contest for a chance to win a trip to Costa Rica to embrace your new healthy lifestyle!

If you live in Montreal, Moncton or Halifax, watch out for the Break It Off mobile unit in your city!


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