Smoking and Exam Stress

Healthy Breaks

Studying for Finals? Stressing over upcoming exams? How do you spend your study breaks?
With increased stress comes increased cigarette cravings. Not an ideal situation if you’re trying to quit smoking.

Healthy studying comes with a 15-20min break every hour to hour and a half depending on your attention span. Instead of having a smoke every break or every other break, try to center the quick break on something healthy.

Make a schedule of breaks. One break, cut up veggies and have a snack. Another break could include some stretches. Perhaps you could use one break to read a chapter of a book or watch half a tv episode. Whatever helps you relax for a bit before refocusing your energy back on studying. It is ok to acknowledge that you may need a smoke break. But it doesn’t have to be every time you take a break. Keeping yourself busy and focused on other things could help.

Healthy breaks will also help you manage exam stress without causing more harm to your body.


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