Is Smoking a Deal Breaker?

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and I’ve been spending a lot of time reflecting on my biggest likes and dislikes in the dating world.  I’ve learned that I really value and admire individuals who adopt healthy lifestyles and behaviours such as working out, cooking healthy (and delicious) meals and taking time for personal well-being.

My friend and I were talking about her recent love interest; a tall, handsome, nice, athletic McGill student who I’d met at the gym a few times.  From my perspective, he seemed like a good catch.

“Oh, he’s great!” she said, “But he smokes – it’s a deal breaker.”

I started to think about whether this was true for my dating life.  Was smoking a deal breaker for me too?  What if someone only smoked socially, did it make a difference?

There have been several polls by magazines and dating sites asking, “Would you date a smoker?”  Bad breath, smelly clothes and exposure to second hand smoke are several reasons why individuals reported smoking as a turn off.   Although a smokers and non-smokers alike may have wonderful (or not so wonderful) qualities, I also recognize the need to maintain my values and expectations for individuals in my personal life.   Whether or not smoking is a deal breaker – that remains to be tested!

How important is a smoking/non-smoking status in your potential or current partner?


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