More Information on E-Cigarettes

As Laura and Maggie said in their blog post in October (, “What is this mystery chemical and how does it effect both the user and bystanders? “, is definitely a question we should be considering a bit more before reaching a final verdict about Electronic Cigarettes. An article (or articles, though they all basically have the same information, all of which I’ll include links to at the bottom) I’ve recently found talk about a questionable effect of ‘smoking’ E-Cigs.

A study conducted by researchers from the University of Athens (Released by the European Respiratory Society’s Annual Congress in Vienna, September 2nd, 2012), which included 8 non-smokers, 24 smokers, 11 with normal lung functions, and 13 people with lung problems, such as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and Asthma. Each person was given an E-cigarette to use for 10 minutes. The researchers measured their airway resistance with a number of tests (including a spirometry test). It was found that after the tests were done, that the E-cigarettes caused an immediate increase in airway resistance for the healthy subjects (non-smokers), and an increase for the smokers with a normal spirometry test. The subjects with Asthma or COPD showed no immediate problems.

While we’re nowhere near fully answering the question of how they affect the users, we know that they might not be as safe as they’re marketed.


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