This is a Smoke Free Workplace

Although it is illegal to smoke inside a public building, employees are still entitled to smoke breaks outside in designated areas.

Good health is not only important at home, but also in the workplace. Employers can encourage a healthy working environment by taking steps to aid smoking cessation. Health Canada outlines the benefits of employers taking a proactive stance towards employee health and asserts that cessation improves employee health, it increases employee productivity, reduces costs, enhances job satisfaction, creates a more positive working atmosphere, as well as gives the company a better corporate image.

The Canadian Cancer Society’s study on “Effective Workplace Tobacco Cessation Interventions” pinpointed the importance of a Quit Smoking Buddy System. Having a non-smoking/ex-smoker friend that checks up on your cessation progress twice a week is incredibly helpful in keeping you on track and meeting your goals. Employers can supply their employees with information and the tools to help everyone in the work environment can benefit from a non-smoking environment.

The Lung Association states that “workplaces can have the greatest impact on people’s health” and that everyone can help improve the health and wellness of those in their workplace through an action plan. The Lung Association advises employers to include the tools for quitting in places like internal emails, posters and information sheets in staff rooms and stapled to pay slips, and in employee newsletters. Studies across the board agree that positive encouragement, support, and a quitting plan are useful tools in cessation.

Do you work in an environment that would benefit from a smoking cessation action plan? Do you have employees who you could give cessation tools to? Could you approach your employer or HR representative about helping improve the environment of your workplace? What programs can you implement to help encourage coworkers to quit smoking?


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