Proposed “Smoking License”


While I was surfing around the internet, I came across an article on the e! Science News website. This website reports on the newest scientific studies and interesting news around the world.  In particular, the article that I found was based around a debate on whether or not a proposed “smoking license” would benefit society and smokers by reducing the amount of smokers and putting a limit on the number of cigarettes that a person could smoke on any given day.

The idea of the license is that smokers would be required to BUY a card that would allow them to swipe it and purchase a set amount of cigarettes per day. The price of the card would be based on the amount of cigarettes that the smokers use per day. The sale of cigarettes would be limited to those people with the cards and the sale to anyone without a card would not occur (or so the laws would say).

I urge you to go read this article and let us know what your thoughts and opinions are on this idea. Can you find any downsides to the idea? What about problems or logistics that you don’t think would work? Let us know, we’d love to hear from you!


Picture from here: MK-AQ922_NOBUTT_20080728200946.jpg


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