10, 000 Hits | 10 000 Visiteurs

That’s right – we have officially passed the 10,000 hits mark on the blog!! What an INCREDIBLE success this has been.
We would like to thank you all so much for your support, and hope you continue to keep checking back with us… because we’ve got great things in store for you!  As a thank you for helping us reach this milestone, here is a video we prepared, just for you, over the weekend.

Check ça! Nous avons surpassé 10 000 visiteurs sur notre blog!! Nous sommes choyé de ce succès, et tellement reconnaissant de votre support.  Pour vous remercier, nous avons préparé une vidéo!  On espère que vous continuez de vérifier notre site, car nous avons des nouveautés qui s’en viennent!


2 thoughts on “10, 000 Hits | 10 000 Visiteurs

  1. Excellent video guys and girls! Thanks for the exchange last Friday! Always very stimulating for me! PS I have a really cool pic in my cubicule 🙂 Benoit, the scientist.


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