Mass Media – How Does It Help?

Exposing the Facts to Diminish the Desire.

Empower yourself.

Authority over your body.

Knowing your options.

Exposed to the truth.

Are you ready to quit?

A 2011 study concluded that “Mass media campaigns to promote quitting are important investments as part of
comprehensive tobacco control programmes to educate about the harms of smoking, set the agenda for
discussion, change smoking attitudes and beliefs, increase quitting intentions and quit attempts, and reduce
adult smoking prevalence. Jurisdictions should aim for high reach and consistent exposure over time with
preference towards negative health effects messages”

Where to find this study? Click Here.

How can you get involved? Do you have social media outlets you can use to talk to your friends, family,
classmates, and colleagues about the health risks of tobacco? Click Here.

Not sure what information to spread? Need somewhere to start? Click Here.

Know the risks already and want to take the next step? Want something useful, portable, and technologically
savvy? Click Here.

Want to talk to people who are quitting or have quit? Click Here.


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