Thank You for Smoking

Check out the trailer of this movie, Thank You for Smoking.

I just stumbled upon it courtesy of a friend and watched it a few days ago. It is a truly enjoyable satire (4 out of 5 stars on IMDB).

The main character, Nick Naylor is a cunning yet very likeable lobbyist for the tobacco industry in the States. It follows his journey as a widely hated public figure, advocating for the rights of the tobacco industry. In the movie, he is credited with the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people.

There are many compelling satirical arguments made throughout the movie that proved to be extremely entertaining while also enlightening.

One of my favourite moments of the movie is when Nick Naylor, the main character and lobbyist criminalizes the well intentioned Senator played by William H. Macy because he shuts down a tobacco farm and then proceeds to advocate for local farmers later that day.

If you want to see some clever spin control, watch this!



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