After being abandoned, the cigarette will go through four distinct stages:


The cigarette refuses to accept its abandonment
denying the notion that you will never return again to claim him
or hold him to your lips as if he is providing you with your life’s breath.


Blistering with hot fury the cigarette calls to you
With blackened curls of smoke
spelling out your name with the familiar scent of addiction.


Dusty ashes roll down the cigarette’s face
as he coughs sooty sobs and crawls into the corner of the ash tray
unwanted and forsaken.


‘Perhaps’, he thinks as he admires his yellowing figure
‘you and I were never truly meant to be’.
Rolling up to the lip of the ash tray,
the cigarette allows his eyes to close and he is taken away by the wind
his extinguished embers and powdery particles feel at peace with the air
as the wind inhales the cigarette in one large breath
and the cigarette’s final thought was one of contentment.

A relationship whose foundation is built on dependence and addiction is detrimental to your health and breaking up isn’t an easy path. Health Canada’s website outlines the steps you can take to increase your chances of a successful break-up and blogs like this are places you can turn to for support. You have to take the first steps and make the decision to abandon your cigarette.

It’s about letting go of a negative relationship; knowing that it is Better to Breathe.

-Michelle B

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