Better to Breathe- a Poem

Better to Breathe

The studies, the findings, the research, is not new;
The side effects, the consequences, the risks that you knew.
The pressure, the acceptance, the rebellion which had bred
A habit and a craving who cry out to be fed.

For the profit of a company, your health was put to test;
Desiring the thin long stick until you exhale your last breath.
You are the victim of a sacrifice of a capitalistic domain.
It is your time to fight the fumes, to end the craving’s rein.

Remember you are not alone in the waters that you tread.
There are people and there are resources to help you annihilate this dread.
To rise above the ashy residue and gain back your strength to fight,
Your positivity and courage will aid you in overcoming your plight.

For if you are truly ready to leave this canopy of smoke,
Arm yourself with weaponry designed to help evoke
A driving force of knowledge and a will tailored to improve your chance,
For this escape route is littered with obstacles meant to lure back your trance.

Leaving will cause the cravings to protest and to seethe,
But in the end, it is your health, your decision, and it is always better to breathe.

Michelle B

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