CrushTheCrave interactive Quitting App

Last February, the YAC/YLT teams met with Dr. Bruce Baskerville from the University of Waterloo about the quit smoking cessation application for smart phones. At that time, the application was still being developed and Dr. Baskerville and his colleagues from Propel Centre For Population Impact, pitched the idea to the team in Ottawa, hoping to receive some input. During the meetings, the teams discussed everything from design, functionality, various themes and much more. In the end, they took suggestions from the YAC/YLT and used it to aid them in the successful completion of the application.

We have just received word from Dr. Baskerville and his team that the application is almost ready to launch! And that the name chosen by the YAC/YLT, was the name chosen by participants in an online survey. The “CrushtheCrave” cessation application is in the pre-launch stage and has been set up with a Facebook page and an online home page. The links are as follows:

Check it out guys and gals, the application is going through some final testing! Find out more details through these links and become one of the test subjects. Check it out sooner rather than later, as you may have a chance to win some cool prizes.


Stay tuned!

Nicholas Whelan

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