Singapore: Last Day | Singapour: Dernière Journée

It’s DONE! World conference 2012 is a wrap!

This morning we had the youth-oriented session which presented our plans of action from the pre-conference. I had the privilege of presenting my group’s project, and it went really well!  There was some lively conversation that followed regarding the involvement of youth in tobacco control.  We then made our way to the closing ceremonies where the declaration for the next 3 years was announced, and where they announced the location of the next conference… ABU DHABI, in the United Arab Emirates! Congratulation to them!

Next, I had the opportunity to go on the Singapore Flyer, and visit Sentosa Island on my very last day!  What I am most anxious to talk to you about, though is what I saw while wandering through what they refer to as the Arab district here in Singapore.  I had heard that Hookah was a big problem here, but what I witnessed was far beyond my previous assumptions.  Quite literally at every table, at every shop, on every street in that district there was a hookah (aka water-pipe, shisha) set there for the table to share.  There were people sitting at tables and others lounged on carpets outside of cafés.  They were people from all walks of life – young, old, Singaporean, tourist, Arab, hipster and everything in between.  Several even had their children, mostly under the age of 8, sitting right next to them as they shared hookah with their friends and family.  One man even had his sleeping baby in his arms as he smoking.  I was flabbergasted.  I would have taken photos, but I was too shocked to think of it.  Did you know that in just one 45-minute session of shisha you’re subjecting your body to as much smoke as you would if you were to smoke 100 or more cigarettes?  Just something to think about.

I really hope you’ve enjoyed these posts this week, and I may update you on any particular findings while in Hong Kong!

All the best,
Kat ♥

p.s. For more information on Shisha, you can visit

One of the less busy side-streets.
Graffiti in the Arab district - very cool!

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