Take A Minute To Listen – A Note From A New Member


My name is Curtis Angugatsiaq Taqqaugaq. I am twenty years old, and I live in Igloolik, Nunavut.
I want to start by talking about myself. While I was in high school, I mainly concentrated on my school work. It was easier for me to talk to teachers than my friends for me. They helped me towards the right path and amazing opportunities. Unlike most of my friends, who showed me all the wrong things we could do.
The people I looked up to were my teachers, who near the end of high school really helped me to take advantage and go after almost all the opportunities offered to me. Thanks to them, I met people across Nunavut, Canada, and the world.
I strive to be a good role model mainly to Inuit. I tell people “Look at what happened to me BECAUSE I stayed in school and did my work as much as I could, or more than I ever thought I could. The same thing or something similar can happen to you if you really try.”

But not all of me is good… Like many people, I fell through the tiniest crack that’s proven to be really hard to climb out of.  I am a smoker, and have been for almost two years.  There is a part of me that says I’m a hypocrite.  It’s one of the worst choices I’ve ever made. If I could go back just so that I could tell myself not to start smoking, I would most definitely take that chance. I know the bad stuff that comes from cigarettes, yet I still smoke, which proves not all smokers are bad people, they just haven’t made the right choices.

I can say that I take pride in almost everything that I do.  It would be amazing to see what people did because of my help. But I’m not proud of everything that I do.  If you look up to me, please learn from my experience, rather than copy me.  Do what you can in school, and remember no matter how hard it seems: it will get easier for you. But please don’t start smoking. Like me, you’ll regret the day that you put the cigarette to your mouth and take the first drag.
I’m not looking for recognition for all or any part of anyones life. Just hoping I can help people learn from me. Life may seem tough sometimes, but it IS possible. This is the first of many stories I have to tell. Please let me know where you are at in your lives, and who’s inspired you to make healthy choices! Any feedback, positive or negative, is greatly appreciated.
Thanks for taking the time to read this!


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