Letter From a Fellow Quitter

Since I started to quit smoking on December 3, 2011 – I noticed my psoriasis starting to go away. I also noticed that it (quitting) was harder than I thought even though I am doing it for the right reasons. After learning so much about tobacco use and manufacturing companies in 2011, I now realize that I am being completely victimized by the entire ordeal. I realized that if I don’t make a move to quit smoking now – on my nieces’ tenth birthday (the average age of a first time smoker) than I wouldn’t be holding down my responsibility of a role model. So, during the month of a third time trying hard to be a non-smoker, it was Christmas time and I went to Vegas. It didn’t seem like the best time to quit but for all who is reading this… anytime is a good time to quit. I understand the issues that people have with it though. I went through the phase of sneaking around, smoking in only certain places, hiding to smoke a cigarette, tell myself I deserved to have one and I also thought about just smoking menthol in the evening. I decided that every time I felt those feelings – I would make an attempt at making them go away or trying something new. I carried around a book with me about all the reasons not to smoke and even though I have read all the tips before, it reassured me that I was making the right decision. So, I am currently on day 31 and I have failed my quitting smoking attempt many times this month. I went through every symptom that could possibly happen and I will continue to move forward. The reasons I am quitting are beyond me but also for me. The main reasons I didn’t want to quit are because my jobs are emotional, stressful and occupying so going out for a smoke is easiest when I am irritated. The second reason I didn’t want to quit was because it suppresses my appetite and no one wants to be overweight. The third reason I didn’t want to quit was simply because it was hard and I was lazy. Quitting smoking has nothing to do with money or health – it is a very selfish habit and we are aware of it. We just don’t talk about it. So now, I can say quitting smoking is a process and just because you fail doesn’t mean you’re a failure. It doesn’t mean to quit quitting or sneak around. It is probably one of the hardest things to do but it will only get harder so we may as well do it together right now. The craziest thing is we know all the harmful effects and still do it. The legacy is in the process… don’t give up…
A fellow quitter

2 thoughts on “Letter From a Fellow Quitter

  1. Try these tips:
    -Whenever you REALLY crave a cigg, put a timer on for five minutes and dont light it until the timer goes off.. do this and gradually work your way to 10, 15, 20, and even 30 minutes. Chew some gum or drink water in the process.
    -BELIEVE in yourself, and KNOW that you can quit.
    -Make a list of all the positives of quitting smoking (ex: save money, live longer, dont always have the smell of smoke.. ect) and hang it where you can see it every day.
    -Set a quit date. Write down a date when you will never ever have a cigarette again. Write it down, plan for it, and prepare yourself for it.
    -Get a friend to quit with you. Knowing someone else is going through something with you can encourage you to keep it up. You could be each other’s place to fall back on.
    -Think of what you are doing to yourself every time you light a cigg. Whenever you take a puff, think of a negative thing (ex: i am hurting other’s around me, over 400, 000 people die EACH YEAR doing what I am doing right now).
    -Some people think its easier to quit cold turkey than trying to gradually move off it. See what works best for you and come up with your own special tips
    -When craving a cigg start cooking a meal that needs maintaining, that way you can’t stop to have a smoke.
    -Buy one pack of ciggs at a time, and switch to a brand that you don’t like.
    -Start only smoking in certain places such as outdoors.
    Good luck. Google some more if you need them :):) LIVE YOUR LIFE! smoke-free BABY!


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