Taking Hold of Your New Year Resolution

The new years is fast approaching. If your new year’s resolution is to quit smoking, you’re not alone. The CDC (http://www.cdc.gov/tobacco/calendar/jan/new_year/resolution/) states that according to recent polls, it’s one of the most common new years resolutions people make. The question then is what you can do to make your quit-smoking resolution stick this year. How can you change your lifestyle to help aid the process of curbing your smoking habit? Drink more water? Have the support of your family? Exercise? Keep a journal? What can you do to keep on track and stay motivated? What can you do to help yourself? Ask yourself these questions. If you want to quit, you have the means to do so. You have the ability to take back control. The internet is a useful tool in your quitting process. Sites like http://smokefree.gov/ and http://www.healthycanadians.gc.ca/init/quit-cesser/index-eng.php have the information you need to become informed and make decisions that are right for you. You can start off your new years smoke free (http://www.communitycontent.ca/en/2011-01-05/start-new-year-smoke-free). Focus on a goal that doesn’t stop at new years, but will help you throughout 2012. No one can tell you to quit smoking and no one can make you stick to it. If you want to quit smoking, that power is in your hands.

Michelle B

3 thoughts on “Taking Hold of Your New Year Resolution

  1. I think that’s the largest challenge for many people, honestly, convincing themselves that they can take control of the situation. And, given the public perception of smoking, it’s fairly easy to ascertain why. Smoking has become fairly taboo with all the new regulations regarding proximity to public buildings, advertisements pointing out how life-threatening and even stupid it is to smoke, and the general attitude towards smoking and smokers and how negative it has become. I feel like everyone on the planet knows the ill effects of smoking to at least some extent, and can’t help but consider the negative attitude towards smoking and smokers as unhelpful for those who wish to quit.

    The fact that the power is within a smoker’s grasp and that there are many sites they can visit to receive support is absolutely vital. I think it is also of utmost importance that people not treat smokers poorly, because negative treatment is only responded to with negativity. It has become important to show positive support and reinforce the notion that they are not ‘Smokers’ permanently, but only people who ‘currently smoke’.

    With a positive attitude I think motivation towards quitting smoking would be much easier to find. People know they are damaging their bodies with smoking, but it’s very easy to put that out of sight and therefore out of mind. A positive, proactive approach could overcome the negativity surrounding smoking and provide those who currently smoke with the motivation to quit.


  2. What a life changing new years resolution that could be. The fact that this decision is within an individual’s control is so important. It’s a big step to quit smoking, and sometimes to resist starting just lighting up! There are a lot of resources out there though, and it’s always good to know the people who struggle are not alone. Well put Michelle.


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