6 Months Smoke Free

Today marks 6 months- 6 months that my mom (and, essentially my family) has been smoke free!

When I was growing both of my parents were smokers. My dad, Chris, quit when I was around 8 years old- but my mom, Connie, kept smoking. To be completely honest, it always embarrassed me that I had a parent who was a smoker. There was so much information on the dangers of smoking and I couldn’t understand why someone would choose to smoke when they know just how harmful it is to their health . As I got older, it bothered me more and more and when I would bring the subject up to my mom, it would always turn into some sort of argument and we were left glaring at each other for days. The thing that bothered me the most, was when she smoked in the car. I don’t know if you’ve ever been in a car with  a smoker- while being a non-smoker yourself- but it is far from pleasant. I would sit with the window wide open 12 months a year-  and, in an east coast town in Canada- that is definitely not much fun! It became so upsetting to me, that I would get very cranky when I had to go somewhere with my parents- I didn’t want to have to breathe all that ‘crap’ in for the duration of the ride.  The day I got my driver’s license was the best day of my life- no more smokey car rides. The less that I was around my mom when she was smoking the better. I would steer clear of her smoke when in our small, single story home, and hold my breath when talking to her. For those of you who live or lived with a smoker- you know that this is no exaggeration. Fast forward to July 2011, MOM HAS DECIDED TO QUIT!

Mom, I am beyond proud of you and I couldn’t be happier that you’ve reached six months. I hope that in six years, I can congratulate you for still being smoke free. You are an absolutely amazing person and an amazing mom, and you deserve to be as healthy as you can be!!

For those of you out there who are currently dealing with a parent or parents who smoke, I urge you to talk to them. Don’t yell at them or accuse them of anything- but instead, tell them how it makes you feel and why it upsets you. I didn’t learn that this was the most effective way to help my mom until after she had quit, but I hope that this tip will help those of you out there that are in the same boat as I was.

Check out an After you Quit Timeline here.


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