Welcome to Fredericton NB Students Commission!!

Hello blog world!

This week the YAC and YLT members from Fredericton New Brunswick were very excited to welcome some staff members from the Toronto office of the Students Commission. It was really great to show them around Fredericton and show them how it’s done in New Brunswick! We also had the chance to attend the premiere of “My Eyes Don’t Lie”, a movie entirely created by a group of youth from Fredericton on the dangers of drug addiction. The documentary was VERY eye opening and really got all of us thinking… for most tobacco users, tobacco is an addiction, and addictions are terrible things. However, they can be overcome with the right support system and positive environment. So I’d like to challenge all of YOU – if you know someone dealing with a tobacco addiction who is trying to quit, BE there for them… support them as much as you can, they will appreciate it more than you know!

Also, later on a group of us came upon a dispenser (much like one you’d buy a pop from) with cigarettes in them. What are your thoughts on this!?


p.s. Students Commission… come back to Freddy Beach soon! Miss all of you already!

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6 thoughts on “Welcome to Fredericton NB Students Commission!!

  1. Hey Amy, this is great work! Concerning the cigarette vending machine, unfortunately they are still allowed in NB, however, no one under the age of 19 should be able to access the machine. If the machine you saw was accessible by minors, it is illegal and can be reported. Thanks for sharing, Lynn Ann


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