TNT Passport to YOU-th Success Xpo

Hi followers, and welcome to all our new followers!!

For the past two days some of us have been at the Forum in Halifax, Nova Scotia to participate in the TNT Passport to YOU-th Success Xpo.  Youth from all over the Halifax area visited our booth, tweeted us, followed our blog and fell in love with our free t-shirts (speaking of which – have YOU seen them!? amazing.) We had the music pumping all day long, dancing our butts off and learning as much from the youth as they were learning from us.  Here is some of the feedback we received:

“The t-shirts were bomb and the booth was really sick!” – John

“The YAC/YLT did very well. They are great speakers. We walked around and were drawn to this booth because it was very energetic.” – Joey & Todd

“I thought the smoking rate among my age group was almost 80%! This campaign is a really good idea – keep posting. – Samanda, Millicent, Bethany & Sabrina

and here are some wonderful photos we got of the great youth wearing our t-shirts!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

That first day we gave out hundreds of t-shirts, so watch out Halifax, you’re about to be taken over! Congratulations to all the talent competition participants; you all did fabulously!

Thanks to the organizers for doing such a great job, and a special thanks to Nicole and Mike for stopping on by!

Signing off from Halifax,

Amy, Katrina, Sara and the rest of YAC/YLT crew! xo

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