10 Things to do Instead of Using Tobacco

In honour of National Non Smoking Week, we thought we would give you guys some tips and tricks to cut the cravings. Here are 10 different distractions that you can use when the cravings hit you…


Whether you’re at home or outside, you can always move! It increases your self-esteem and makes you happier. There are so many other benefits from playing sports. You could also try a new sport like pole fitness, cross fit, or zumba. You will likely be surprised with the outcome!


How many times have you heard someone tell you to meditate because it’s good for you? It’s because it actually is! Try the kind of meditation that’s good for you. There are many options: yoga, hot yoga, acroyoga , taichi. You could also try writing down 10 things that you’re thankful for to get you in a positive headspace.

3.Cook or bake

Try out a cooking class

Make cupcakes for a friend

Help out in a local soup kitchen

BONUS: cooking yourself a healthy meal will boost your mood!

4.Listen to music

Dance it out Sing it out Music with 60 beats per minute or more can encourage your brainwaves to synchronize with that beat, resulting in a relaxed state.

5.Hang out or talk to a friend/support buddy

Who better to help you put the tobacco down than your best friend? Having people in our lives that support our decision to quit is crucial. So, if you’re feeling those intense cravings call someone up to hang out together and do something fun.

OR go out and make a new friend to build upon your social support network, the more the merrier right? Next thing you know you’ll be having a great time and tobacco use will be the last thing on your mind!

6.Play with a pet or go to the local animal shelter if you don’t have one

Is it not one of the most amazing things to just sit and cuddle with the cutest little pets in the world? Instead of giving in to those intense cravings, pick up an adorable little fur ball to play with.

Don’t have a pet? DON’T FRET, you can always volunteer at or visit your local animal shelter and you’ll be knee deep in adorably distracting little critters.

Who needs tobacco when you have an adorable little puppy licking your face!

7.Try something new

Try something crazy that you have never done before. New experiences lead to new people and a more positive outlook on life. Try something out of your comfort zone. Go travelling, the world has plenty of beautiful places to see and experience. It’ll take your mind off wanting your next smoke, and you’ll just be excited for your next adventure.

8.Netflix and chill

Make sure your Tinder game is 100 so you can find the right partner for this, or your smoking hand is always a good option. But to take your mind off smoking try just chilling and watch a season of Making a Murderer, or what ever you are into its always nice to relax and take your mind off stress and studying once in a while.

9.Remove yourself from your current setting

A good way to resist the temptation of picking up that cigarette is to remove yourself from the situation and setting that your craving began. Simply walking away from that situation and to new surroundings may help take your mind off that craving.

10.Keep your hands busy

Holding a cigarette becomes a habit, and sometimes you might just turn to a cigarette to fill that habit. Next time you need something to occupy your hands and feel that craving coming on, try picking up a Rubik’s cube, stress ball, elastic bands, puzzle, or whatever suits your fancy instead!